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Duke on the Dog WalkTricks 4 Treats Pet Dog Fun Agility is designed to be just that, fun for all concerned. Each class has a maximum of 6 dogs per hourly class, which are run over an 8 week period (course).

The beginners’ fun agility courses are designed to teach each dog how to accurately and safely negotiate each new piece of equipment as well as progress and improve equipment previously learnt on previous weeks, including: Weave Poles, Jumps, Tunnels, A-Frame, Dog Walk, SeeSaw, Tyre, Table and Long Jump.

In order for us to teach agility to any dog and owner it is imperative that a basic level of pet dog obedience has been met, as without such skills agility can become very difficult and frustrating for the owners. We also do not physically have the time to assist with obedience related issues during agility training, therefore it is Tricks 4 Treats policy to only accept dogs’ that have trained via our classes.

Scamp JumpingDogs’ are able to join our waiting list at any age, but cannot take part in agility until they have reached at least 12 months of age (depending on breed) to ensure that full skeletal growth has taken place.

Currently all agility classes are run on Saturdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (weather permitting) and beginners typically start in the afternoons. We train in a secure area near Poole (full details of location are provided upon receipt of your booking form).

We are fairly flexible when it comes to training in all weathers, indeed we attempt to train all year round, but on occasion the British weather goes against us. Heavy rain, snow, high winds, very hot summers days can become a health and safety hazard to the dogs and owners and when this happens we will call/text your mobile phone on the Saturday morning to inform you of the postponement. No part of the course will be missed due to weather postponements; we catch up on the next ‘acceptable weather’ Saturday.

Bo on the A-FrameWe currently run waiting lists for all beginners course and therefore, if you wish to gain a place we will require a fully completed, signed and returned booking form. Once received you will be placed on the relevant waiting list and notified of your placement with us. Once a place is offered to you and accepted we will request full payment for the course.

Once you have completed the beginners course and your skill set improves, you will be moved in with other dogs’ of similar abilities. You will no longer be expected to wait to join future fun agility courses.

As with all of our training courses we operate a first come first served system, therefore please contact us for further information on how to join our waiting list, assistance with pet dog obedience or further information in relation to fun agility.

For more information about agility and the equipment, please see our Agility article.

  Please contact us to join.

Video footage showing a Tricks 4 Treats Agility Class being taught

Finley on the dog walk Mia jumping William on the A-Frame
Eddie on the weave poles Oscar exiting the pipe tunnel Indy and Lara after a fun agility session
Lara clearing the spread jump Poppy on the table Bailey coming down the A-Frame

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