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Dog Training & Behaviour - Intermediate Courses

Walking to heal off leadThe Intermediate Course also runs over 8 weeks. In this course we reinforce some of what we have learnt in the novice course, this will only aid your position in your dogs life.

A lot of the exercises are carried out off lead, unless it is felt by the trainers or indeed the owner, that full off lead control hasn’t yet been formed.

We will cover more challenging exercises, and I think you will be surprised at how far your companion has come in the last few months.

Over the 8 weeks we will look at food control, direction control, recall with distraction, door control with distraction, focus on waits and stays – off lead, and many more, and of course, more tricks for those that wish to teach them.

  Download an Intermediate Brochure & Booking Form or contact us if you have any questions.

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