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Dog Training & Behaviour - Puppy Classes


We would like to congratulate you on your new family member, bringing a puppy into your home and making him a part of your life is a wonderful experience. With good training tools, a lot of understanding and patience you will end up with a well-behaved member of your family.

The puppy course lasts for 4 weeks, providing you with invaluable information on how to achieve a well-rounded and socially acceptable member of the community.

Our puppy parties are designed with fun in mind, giving you different scenarios to ‘test’ your puppies’ social skills. These parties do not have a ‘school’ feel, merely a chance for them to become more comfortable around different people and objects. We also look at the socialisation aspect of a puppys’ life. There are many strange and new things out there that they need to be introduced to, so we bring some things along to class to help them get used to being around them.

All puppies should be fully vaccinated prior to starting the course. Your puppies' vaccination card will be required on week 1.

Please contact us for more information about Puppy Classes and to book a place