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Below are some of the comments we have received from people attending our classes or received one-to-one help:

" I like the structure of the course. I feel comfortable and able to ask for help when needed. It is definitely worth travelling outside of Purbeck to go to your dog training class. The classes have a very friendly encouraging atmosphere. My dog really enjoyed the classes and we have seen the benefits already at home and when we got out with him. I like the structure and professionalism of the way the classes are run: maximum number of dogs' per class for example. " - Claire & Sweep

" Seeing Archie improve and having other people see the improvements since going to classes. " - Paul, Angie & Archie

" Very well run and professional and fun. Very friendly approachable trainers. We look forward to our classes every week, thank you :) " - Emily & Rosie

" Murphy would not come to me when I called him or do anything at the start of the course. He now sits, stands and goes down etc & 9 times out of 10 he comes when I call him. He is such a pleasure and enjoys learning different cues, as do I. Thank you very much for all the help with training Murphy, you have all been a great help. Murphy is coming on in leaps and bounds. " - Patsy & Murphy

" Having taken on Sasha as a rescue dog and her being our first dog, we have found these training classes to be very useful in helping us to learn about Sasha, and for Sasha to further her development. Jo, Paul and Judy are always there to help and offer advice when needed. The training classes have a warm, friendly atmosphere and our whole family has enjoyed coming, thank you. " - Lee, Claire & Sasha

" Thank you so much for all the help and advice you have give us over the past 8 weeks. I'm really impressed with the 'out of class' communications, it's really nice to have the extra support and help if we need it. " - Ashleigh & Beau

" I have enjoyed seeing how the training actually helps control the dog and the dogs' obvious recognition that they understand, nice to see. " - Wynne & Max

" Watching my dog being able to do what he has been taught. " - Matt, Steph & Reg

" You make it fun for the dogs' and their owners to learn at all times. The professional and calm manner used by you and your team. when 'correcting' OUR short comings, without belittling us in any way. We also like to thank you and your team for the training that Oliver and ourselves have received. It has been a little difficult for us to change from the 'old style' of training to the 'new' style, but we've enjoyed coming each week and look forward to joining you all on the Intermediate Course. " - Chris, Terry & Oliver

" Being able to be confident with my dog and he is also more confident. The Novice group helped our bond together. " - Danni & Dexter

" I really feel that I received all the attention I needed. The small classes are a real joy! You are all to be congratulated on your training methods and the amount of patience you show when teaching the exercises. I'm really looking forward to the next class. " - Claire & Gill

"The enthusiasm and patience of the trainers has been great." - Mary & Noodle

" Meeting fellow dog owners, seeing all of the dogs improving and benefiting from Jo & Pauls vast experience of how to/how not to train. Although Alfie is an older dog, I was made to feel as welcome as the owners of the puppies attending. Jo & Paul were able to give me some slightly more advanced exercises if they were covering one that Alfie could already do, so he didn't get bored. " - Lorraine & Alfie

" Small classes enables good access to trainers during each session. " - Helen & Pixie

" I most enjoyed the whole positive reinforcement approach, the contained and limited numbers environment." - Jan & Jenny

" What struck me when I first started was how organised the classes are. It could easily be chaos, but I think you have it just right. I also felt when I asked for advice, you took the time out to give this to me. I felt confident that I was being taught the right techniques and we all felt very comfortable with the training, all the way through. Also, class size is just right! " - Cassie, Rich & Buddy

" The classes were fun and very rewarding. The worksheets/information sheets were useful. You have both been really informative and very helpful. Clearly you both love dogs' and have a brilliant gift, very impressive, thank you. " - Teresa & Peppa

" We have found the Novice Course extremely helpful and friendly. Also very informative re: dominance theories etc. I personally feel a lot less flustered when training my pup! " - Maxine, James & Barnaby

" We feel that we have really benefited from coming along to the Novice Course and have enjoyed learning. We look forward to starting the Intermediate Course. We would recommend you to our family and friends. " - Rachael, Martin & Charlie

" The friendly, calm and relaxed way in which the various exercises are explained, demonstrated and carried out. The worksheets are brilliantly written and easy to follow and have enabled me to easily practice exercises away from classes. Being a rescue dog, I am totally impressed with the rapid progress achieved with Ellie. OK, she has some way to go yet, but this course has been excellent! " - Dennis & Ellie

" What did you most enjoy about the Novice Course? Feeling relaxed and enjoying the classes because it's so friendly, and not having too many dogs' at classes. I have learnt alot from the classes and it's made me realise that it's me, the owner that should be 'in control' of my dog at all times. Your classes have been so good and shown me how to do this, a great 8 weeks, thank you so much. " - Eileen & Chester

" We have most enjoyed watching Tilly become more confident with people and other dogs' and interacting with them. We feel that Tilly responds to the gentle nature of the training. It suits her well as she is a nervous dog in some ways. Hopefully this will improve, it's a matter of hard work and patience. " - Ann, Pat & Tilly

" What have you most enjoyed about this (Novice) course? Friendliness, individual help, classes being small with 2/3 training instructors. Also like the feedback questionnaire. It is also useful to be able to purchase and see accessories and 'try before you buy'. Both main training instructors were professional. " - Joy & Harley
" I have enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know Honey in a different situation and her to have her socialise with other dogs'. The last 8 weeks have been very useful to build confidence in handling Honey. As an adult dog and a first time dog owner it was a bit of a culture shock, but I feel more confident and assured now, thank you. " - Mary & Honey

" I have taken part in a few other dog courses with our older dog, but none of them have been as much fun and informative as this one.  I am looking forward to the next course in March.  I have also recommended Tricks 4 Treats to our neighbours who have got a young puppy, I think they have booked the next puppy class.  I am sure they will enjoy it as much as I did. " - Corinna & Ty

" I have enjoyed everything about the Novice Course, but mostly teaching Bruce to walk to on a lead and not jumping up as much. " - Michelle and Bruce

" Very good and useful, especially as we are first time dog owners.  Particularly like the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the classes. " - James and Archie

" Noticing an improvement each week with Mist was really enjoyable.  We would like to thank the whole team with helping us with Mist.  You have all made us feel reassured and less stressed and frustrated.  We found everyone extremely helpful and easy to talk to, and you are all happy to answer questions, before during and after training, which has been a great help, and also taking telephone calls.  A very big thank you, look forward to starting the next course in April. " - Lynda, Martin & Mist

" We have enjoyed watching other people work with their dogs.  The course has also been enjoyable and light hearted.  Success and 'failure' have both been taken by everyone, in a lighthearted way, so that everyone feels comfortable.  We have a bit of a laugh and encourage each other (and their dogs!).  It is great to see each others progress and I feel that Bailey has learnt something, we have bonded! " - Helen with Bailey

" There was a fun atmosphere, friendly teachers, never worrying about being under pressure to 'get it right', and watching my dog improve.  I have been impressed with the whole course. Jo and Paul have been great fun, brilliantly patient and totally dedicated.  They have always had time for my questions (and there have been many) and concerns and have always been willing to help me in class and out of class.  Ruby absolutely adores them both, has progressed very well and can't wait to come to class.  Thank you so much! " - Karen, David & Ruby

" What have you most enjoyed about the Novice Course?  Gaining confidence and meeting other dogs and owners.  I think everyone has very high expectations of how their dog is going to behave after training, these expectations are probably unrealistic, given that training is obviously a big and ongoing process.  The course has given me confidence to carry on and hopefully some of the skills needed to continue training and reap the benefits. " - Helen, Anthony & Socks

" What have you most enjoyed about the course?  The friendly relaxed atmosphere, the limit on dogs being trained (small groups).  We would like to thank you for a very enjoyable experience with our pup, Nanook.  Both Nanook and ourselves have learnt a lot in only 8 weeks, it's amazing what a difference it made to Nanook when we as humans are trained correctly!.  We are all looking forward to the next course. " - Vivienne & Mark with Nanook

"We most enjoyed the relaxed feel and the class wasn't too big. " - Byron & Helen Quayle with Bella

" We enjoyed the fun side of the training. The training was easy to follow and being able to ask questions without feeling stupid. Being allowed to try a harness for a week before purchasing, we looked forward to training every week. " - Christine & Michael Carter with Izzy

" I have most enjoyed seeing Rockys' development progress. A brilliant course, both Rocky and I have enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Very 'dog' friendly and given me a great understanding of how a dog thinks and understands things. Thank you." - Lynda with Rocky

" What did you most enjoy about the Novice Course? To be honest, all of it, but mainly seeing Millie change and do things that I didn't think she would ever do, thank you." - Carlie, Phil and Millie

" We enjoyed seeing Mollie improve week by week and both Mollie and I have benefited from the gentle, consistent approach of the trainers.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our training and are grateful to Jo for the additional advice she has given us over and above the training classes.  Mollie has improved so much as a result of the training and has responded well.  The liver cake recipe has worked so well that she will now leave her favourite friend at the park when recalled to us!!" - Fiona and Mollie

" What did you most enjoy about the Novice Course?  The fun and friendliness of all concerned.  Thanks Paul and Jo for all your help with Ozzy during training, and for all the extra help you have given.  We've all thoroughly enjoyed the course." - Kelvin, Trish & Ozzy

" You allowed us to feel more confident with our dog and pointed us in all the right directions." - Helen & Ricky with Merlyn

" The continuity of the trainers. Continually moving forward with the training. Friendly and happy atmosphere." - Keith & Lynn with Kam

" Giving their time and not rushing people, that makes a difference. Checking peoples’ understanding is appreciated. Having paper instructions is always good to be able to refer back to and re-cap. I would (and have) recommended ‘Tricks 4 Treats’ to anyone that has a dog or puppy, thanks for everything." - Debbie with Charlie

" Thank you for a great training program, you made us feel relaxed and helped us gain confidence with our scary little puppy! It was fun and great to talk to other owners as well. When we emailed you, you got straight back to us, thank you. We had a couple of talks with after the sessions, you gave us lots of good advice and time, thank you." - Jodie Neal with Frankie

" Very friendly and relaxed, the right amount of dogs per class. - Chris with J.D.

" What did we most enjoyed about the Novice Course? Everything!"   - Rosey with Callie & Phoebe

" All the hints and tips to get control has helped loads. I feel I am now in charge, instead of Milo. Very friendly and approachable right from the start. I will be back if ever I have a puppy, for sure! Thanks. "  - Kathy & Milo

" Thanks for an enjoyable 8 weeks. Indy has learnt quite a bit and his behaviour has improved. "  - Roger & Indy

" We enjoyed watching Lucy slowly improve, which means being able to take her for walks off lead "  - Dudley & Lucy

"Great training in a friendly environment. Tricks 4 Treats gives you the skills to take away and make a difference. All classes are great fun and have just enough dogs to allow quality training time and if needed some one to one training. Nothing is too much trouble and as well as the things taught in class, Jo and Paul will be happy to offer their advice on any 'general' dog related queries you might have"  - Chris, Laura & Louis

"I just wanted to thank you for your kind words and let you know that your novice course was excellent. I have recommended you to other people because the results speak for themselves, but we got there in a very down to earth and fun way. The course had a great friendly atmosphere, structured but relaxed." - Ally Stratford & Gemma

"I just wanted to email to thank you for the classes we attended with our (at the time) 12 week old deaf puppy labrador (only deaf when he wanted of course)! Our first course was at Creekmoor which was a novice class, and the second one was at Bearwood (intermediate).
    The classes were small, which we liked because Deisel got more one to one attention, which in the beginning he did require, and as the weeks went by Deisel became a more confident obedient pup, which after all is what any owner wants.
    We really liked your teaching methods, which of course were reward based, which any dog will love, the homework sheets at the end of every session were extremely helpful, we were able to put the work in at home you had taught us on the evening of dog club, which was fantastic.
    Our intermediate class with you was much the same sort of training but on a higher level which thanks to you, by the end of novice Deisel was ready for.
    We particularly liked the way you stopped us raising our voices or shouting at Deisel,and to stay calm whatever the situation, as we know dogs don't want to come back to people who are screaming at them, so thanks to you, we now are a lot calmer and Deisel comes back 90% of the time (well he is a Labrador)
    The talks at the end of class were very useful as sometimes we did have problems to iron out, and thank you for taking the time to do that.
    Overall we'd just like to say a big thank you to yourself and the other club staff, for two very enjoyable not expensive courses, which have turned our deaf puppy into a lovely obedient boy who is now 11 months old.
    We look forward to joining you on the advanced course when its sorted and we'd like to say your method of teaching was excellent and easy for us and Deisel to get to grips with, which makes him what he is today.
    Thanks again Jo and everyone at Tricks 4 Treats." - Stuart & Shirley Robinson & Deisel